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Wednesday, April 09, 2003


"Spiritual practice done with concentration will definitely bring about a change in Nature. At present man's overindulgence and harmful acts have destroyed the harmony of Nature. The laws of Nature have been violated. Everything depends on the human mind. Long ago when people were truthful, goodhearted and worked together with mutual love and sincerity, Nature favored them with prosperity. Rain came when it was needed and only as
much as necessary. The sun blessed the crops. Perfect balance existed between Nature and human beings. But now everything is in chaos and confusion. Humans act as they like. Morality, righteousness, truthfulness, mutual love, faith and sincerity have all been lost. The balance has been upset. Nature no longer favors selfish human being; now She is reacting. This is a great threat to the human race. The combined forced of human intellect and modern science cannot alter Nature's course. We will be saved only is we change. Meditation, prayer, chanting and other spiritual practices are our only hope. This is not a punishment, but the way which God has provided to make us think, discriminate and act. If we don't change, we will be inviting our own ruin."

posted by Cynthia 11:18 PM

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